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RIR3000 Outdoor Heater


Keep the party going with the Ambe Sunset Series RIR3000. 

This overhead heater offers instant and powerful heat that warms you, not the air around you.

At nearly a metre wide, the RIR3000 is Ambe’s widest infrared outdoor heater, generating 3.0kW of powerful, instant heat (now that’s a lot of heat!). There’s plenty of warmth to share around, so don’t’ be greedy – keep you and your mates comfortable so the conversation can continue to flow.

Heating through ‘bright heat’, and bringing a warm glow that will transport you to the outdoor courtyard of a French bistro. 


3.0 kW
1000W x 130H x 110D​
15 amp plug or permanent wiring
IP Rating

Please note the RIR3000 connection requires either a 15amp plug or a permanent wiring connection. Installation should be performed by an electrician.


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