The Beckler Abode – DIY Install with Traditional Ambience

Faced with the impending cost of tradespeople to renovate their home, the waiting game was going to be too long for Sarah Beckler, who decided to pick up the tools herself and start transforming her house into a home to love.

Starting with a large to-do list, the time came to tick off ‘build a fireplace’, choosing the Ambe Square30 for the Beckler family abode.

Hi Sarah, can you tell us what you wanted for the overall look and feel for your living room? And how did the traditional Square30 style fit into your plan?

I was looking for a modern but organic feel for the fireplace, and Ambe’s Square30 was the perfect fit with its traditional style and shape.

Hi Sarah, can you tell us what you wanted for the overall look and feel for your living room? And how did the traditional Square30 style fit into your plan?

I was looking for a modern but organic feel for the fireplace, and Ambe’s Square30 was the perfect fit with its traditional style and shape.

The Ambe Square30 Electric Fireplace

Why were you drawn to an electric fireplace rather than gas or wood?

I had been hoping to add a fireplace to our family room for quite some time. The room is on our second floor and felt drawn to an electric fireplace knowing I’d be able to build it out and install it myself. This was a cost-effective way to get the look and feel I wanted for our space.

How did the Square30 suit your needs and vision for the living room?

The wall in our family room destined for the fireplace isn’t very long, so finding a fireplace of the right size to fit on the wall and look like it belonged there was key. The Square30 was the perfect size to build a fireplace that looks right in the space, and I really liked the square shape over a rectangular one for the planned design.

The fireplace adds a hygge feel – that sense of cosiness, comfort, and contentment to the family room

Can you talk us through the surround design, materials, and why you chose this?

It was important for the fireplace to feel earthy and organic, hence creating a surround that spanned from floor to ceiling with a ledge for a mantel, while cedar boards were used to add texture. I DIYed a Roman Clay finish out of paint and joint compound which was applied in a few coats with a small putty knife to create more texture and movement. The Ambe fireplace adds a modern touch that pairs with the organic feel of the surround materials to create the desired look and feel.

Floor-to-ceiling surround & different textures create an earthy organic feel

Talk us through the installation process – how long did it take you?

The build of the fireplace transpired over a couple of months, balancing DIY projects with full-time work and taking care of the family. It was a lot of fun figuring out the framing for the surround and building that out. I jokingly refer to plasterboard as my DIY nemesis, as it’s not my most enjoyable part of DIY. Hyping myself up to get that part of the build done was a challenge, but finishing it was a great feeling! Installing the Ambe fireplace itself was so easy, achieving it in less than an hour. Anyone could install an Ambe fireplace as they are very easy and come with clear instructions.

The planning phase – from Pinterest boards to marking out the fireplace to visualise the design in the space

How do you feel about the finished result?

I am so in love with the finished result! The fireplace adds a hygge feel – that sense of cosiness, comfort, and contentment to the family room, and has become a space we all want to gather and spend time in.

We love that you can change the lighting on the Square30 too. While I prefer a more classic style of oranges, yellows, and whites, my young son loves pairing other options and setting a more colourful vibe! We really are looking forward to many years of enjoying our Ambe fireplace.

From Classic to Colourful – the family have their own lighting favourites!

Learn more about the Ambe Square30 here

First Fireplace with Flair – Sway & Sarah Build

Sway and Sarah Build

We have excitedly watched with anticipation, the journey of Sway and Sarah as they tackle renovating their 1978 first home, transforming it room by room!

Sway & Sarah Build document their journey with a step-by-step guide to help inspire and educate others on how to renovate their homes on a budget.

As self-taught DIYers they decided to build a fireplace, a first for them – and we were keen to chat through the process, discover the highs and lows, and what they hoped to achieve as they took on the adventure to reimagine their living room space.

Hi Sway and Sarah! Can you tell us the overall look and feel you wanted for your renovated living room?

We wanted the overall look and feel of our living room to be like a Mediterranean spa. We wanted it to feel modern with a Scandinavian and Mediterranean flair.

Why were you drawn to an electric fireplace rather than gas or wood?

Electric appealed as it meant we didn’t have to install a gas line and incur the cost of a plumber. It’s great that the glass doesn’t get hot when in use, so we don’t have to worry about anyone hurting themselves – loving the versatility it provides, and we still get that beautiful ambience even in the summertime, without the heat.

Our favourite colour lighting options consist of orange and red.

How did the Ambe Multi49 suit your needs and vision for the living room?

We had been dreaming about a corner fireplace in our living room and the Ambe Multi Series checked all the boxes. We chose the corner reveal as it feels much more high-end and unique – it really fits the space well. Ambe gives you many different fuelbed options, so we were able to choose the style to fit the overall look we desired.

Can you talk us through the surround design, materials, and why you chose this?

Overall, we wanted to have this peaceful, organic, serene feeling in our space while also making it functional. We opted to add a floating bench to the design to accommodate when we host larger groups of family or friends. We love that it highlights the fireplace adding a bit of warmth to the space with the wood tones – finishing the fireplace with Roman clay to give a bit of earthy texture, so it wasn’t so stark with the subtle softness it provided in contrast with the modern fireplace.

How did you find the installation process?

The overall installation process wasn’t as hard as we thought. While it was a little bit time-consuming, overall, the construction was quite simple – it was great having the base measurements in the manual to work from. We adjusted our plan to include the cubby shelves on the side and allowed a small space for the floating bench underneath the fireplace. Having never built a fireplace before, it felt simple to figure out the construction portion of it.


The framing took about two days to finish. Once completed, we moved on to installing plasterboard and mudding which took two to three days, allowing for drying time and sanding in between. When it was time to prime the plasterboard, we applied a Roman Clay to the surface to give a plaster and subtle textured look.

Next up was the bench which took about two to four days. We started by cutting out the plasterboard so we could screw the floating bench brackets into the studs. We had to re-plaster and mud in multiple layers to get it looking smooth. Once the floating brackets were installed, we were able to build the bench. This involved cutting the pieces to fit, then glueing them together allowing it to dry overnight – a quick sanding and clean-up resulted in a clean and finished look, screwing into the brackets to secure.

Did you run into any challenges, and if so, how did you work through these?

Yes, challenges were mudding the cubby shelves – the corners are the hardest to get clean edges, and making sure framing is level as most people’s walls are not, so making sure we had the laser level handy was important. We also struggled to make the edges seamless where the plasterboard met the fireplace but was able to caulk around it with a heat-resistant caulk to clean them up.

How do you feel about the finished result?

We are so happy with how the fireplace turned out! It really is the highlight of our living space and we receive tons of compliments from family and friends when they come over! We enjoy curling up and feeling cozy for movie nights together with our pup, Murphy, and turning on the fireplace for added ambience – even in the summertime.

Featured Product

Introducing the Ambe Square -Made for traditionalists

Whether you’re reviving an old beauty, or you want to recreate the look and feel of a heritage fireplace, the Ambe Square was made for you.


Restore the Soul

Finally, a solution to those drafty old open fireplaces typical of character villas and bungalows.

Back in the early 1900s, these fireplaces were the key source of warmth for the families that lived in Villas like these – they oozed warmth and had an air of old-world romance about them, but eventually, they had to go.

Now with the developments of modern technology, these fires are often left redundant, left to collect dust and nick-nacks.

While many have an ornate charm about them, they are rarely shut off or sealed properly from the chimney and outside air, causing warm air to escape, and inviting those pesky drafts in. 

Enter, the Ambe Square.

Made to bring warmth back into the room, the modest dimensions of the Ambe Square make it a perfect fit for existing fireplace cavities.

And unlike the wood fires that came before them, there’s no mess or maintenance – just a lifelike fuelbed of logs and glowing embers, and the ambient effect of flickering flames.

Installation couldn’t be easier too, with no need for a flue or ventilation – you can put them anywhere you like.

All of the feeling, and none of the fuss.  

Recreate the romance

If you don’t have an open fireplace but you love the traditional look, consider adding a mantelpiece to the Ambe Square. So you can create the romantic look and feel of period fireplace – with ample space to display your favourite artworks, ornaments, and framed photographs.

A modern take

The sleek design of the Ambe Square lends itself to modern installations as well.  A classic shape with a contemporary elegance – an easy and affordable way to make an impact in your own space.  


Like all Ambe fireplaces, the Square30 lets you dress to impress – with interchangeable fuelbeds and LED lighting displays – you can choose the look you love.

With so many possibilities, the design is truly in your hands. 

Find out more about the Ambe Square30 here

Extend your time outdoors – 7 reasons to install an Ambe outdoor heater​

As human beings we are drawn to the outdoors – give us a sunny day or a balmy evening and we’re firing up the BBQ We pray for mother nature to deliver good weather for potlucks, birthdays, and Christmas dinners but she doesn’t always deliver.  

Installing outdoor heating is a great way to climate-proof your entertainment area so you can spend more time basking in the outdoors.  It doesn’t have to be complicated – Ambe outdoor heaters are easy to install and can warm your space at the touch of a button.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are 7 reasons to transform your entertainment area with Ambe.

1. No Space? No problem!

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space – we feel you. If you have an apartment balcony, patio, or just a humble courtyard, making the most of that space is key. 

Ambe overhead heaters are installed above your outdoor living area, so they don’t take up valuable space on the ground.  

And with no need to work a clunky heater into your design, there’s ample space for your choice of furniture, lighting, and all the pot plants your heart desires.

2. They won’t cramp your style

Image: Ambe Midnight Series infrared Heaters

Outdoor heating can really get in the way of a design vision when it comes to entertainment areas. A big freestanding heater towering over your outdoor furnishings isn’t to everyone’s taste.

The simple design of Ambe Midnight Series outdoor heaters means they will work seamlessly with any outdoor décor. Not only are they installed above eye level, they’re also minimal and subtle – with a sleek black design that heats your space discreetly.  

3. They’re quiet

It’s not a Sunday session without some tunes, but the added buzzing of an electric heater in the background is not a vibe.  Ambe’s Midnight Series of radiant heaters are deadly silent, so whether you’re listening to the melodies of mother nature or setting the scene with your favourite playlist – you won’t be interrupted.

4. You’ll get instant action

Image: Ambe Sunset Series infrared heaters

Not all heroes wear capes – the beauty of Ambe’s Sunset Series of radiant heaters is that they heat you directly, rather than faffing around heating the air around you.

They also heat up instantly, so the minute you feel the cool change coming, you can switch on the heating and the night can live on.

5. They’re rental friendly

If you’re in a rental, you’ll likely have fewer options when it comes to installing outdoor heating.

But just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the autonomy to transform your space and make it your own. Installing an Ambe heater requires no structural alterations, and you can easily take it down, and take it with you if you move into a new home.

6. And (Fur) Family Friendly

Installed out of reach of little fingers and paws, Ambe overhead heaters are a great family-friendly choice when it comes to heating. 

And while wood and gas fires can fill the air with smoke and fumes, Ambe has you and your loved ones in safe hands.

7. They’re so easy

Life gets busy. Don’t we know it?  Quality time with family and friends can often be fleeting and we don’t have time to be messing around with the heating.

All of our Ambe Sunset Series heaters can be controlled remotely, saving on time that could be better spent hanging out with the family.  Adjust the temperature, set timers, and control multiple heating all without leaving the sofa, or the conversation.   

8. You’ll save your pennies

Finally, while other forms of heating can burn a hole in your pocket, Ambe outdoor heating is a low-cost heating solution. Leaving you more in the bank to put towards that shiny new BBQ or dining table – whatever you fancy.

6 spaces to transform with outdoor heating​

When you think of overhead outdoor heating, you might immediately go to the outdoor dining areas of bars, restaurants, and cafes. In fact, there are spaces in your very home that can be transformed with a bit of overhead heating – from inner-city apartment balconies to converted garage workshops.

With easy installation, spaces that are often left neglected in the colder months gain a whole new life with the right heating solution and become trans-seasonal sanctuaries that can be enjoyed day or night; rain or shine. 

We’ve put together a list of spaces to transform with Ambe outdoor heating – so that when the sun goes down – the night lives on.

1. Your Front Porch

Enjoy a cup of tea on a cool afternoon under the discreet comfort of an Ambe Midnight Series outdoor heater.  Image credit. The Spruce

If you’re like us, you have memories of parents and grandparents enjoying a cup of tea on the patio when you arrive – as if they were waiting for you out there.  It’s a tradition we acknowledge generations later, but it can often be fleeting when the weather turns.

Create a weatherproof space right on your doorstep by installing an Ambe outdoor heater.  The subtle design of the Midnight Series works seamlessly with any décor – you’d barely know they were there if not for the luxurious heat radiating from them.  What better way to welcome friends and family into your home than with some warm hospitality

2. Your Apartment Balcony

Take your coffee al fresco on a winter’s morning accompanied by an Ambe Sunset Series outdoor heater

Apartment living is an increasingly popular way of life, particularly in large cities.

However, living in large buildings can often feel a little closed off from the outdoors making it even more important to make the most of what is usually the only outdoor space – the balcony.

Apartment balconies can be tricky spaces to work with, often being small, awkwardly shaped, and limited by council restrictions – there are not a lot of options when it comes to outdoor heating.

 That’s why Ambe Electric outdoor heaters are such a great solution; they’re safe and easy to install and they take up the space above.

Opt for the Ambe Sunset Series for protection from the weather; these heaters are built for harsh conditions, plus they radiate a warm glow that illuminates your space (like a sunset)

3. The Veranda

Watch the world go by without and stay warm with an Ambe Midnight Series outdoor heater.  Image: My Domaine

Veranda’s come in all shapes and sizes, from the modern Apex design to grand gabled roofs and the classic flat roof wrap around.  Designed to extend the living space and provide a sheltered outdoor area to watch the world go by. But while many houses come with a veranda of some description – they don’t come with heating.

Enter the Ambe Midnight Series. Installed overhead, these heaters are the unsung heroes – heating your space without making a song and dance about it.

With a sleek black aesthetic, they don’t interfere with that traditional veranda look.  All that’s left now is to settle in an afternoon waiting patiently for the postie.

4. The Outdoor Kitchen

Keep the party going with the radiant warmth of an Ambe Sunset Series outdoor heater.  Image: House and Garden

There’s nothing like socialising with friends and family in the backyard. If you’re serious about backyard entertaining you’ve probably gone to the trouble of setting up a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. 

Outdoor Kitchens are a great addition to any backyard, especially if you love to host a crowd. But without the right heating, the hours of entertaining can be short-lived with the cold air shutting down the party before it really got started. 

Ambe’s Sunset Series of infrared heaters are the perfect solution. Installed overhead, they create an instant heat that warms you and your mates directly– so the beers and banter can go on well into the night.

5. The Workshop or Art Studio

Get comfortable and let the creativity flow with an Ambe Infrared Heater. Image Credit: Art Space

If you’ve converted your garage into a workshop or art studio – you probably know that poor insulation makes it difficult to heat with most plug-in heaters. Not only do they get in the way of your equipment, but they also tend to be inefficient with most of the heat being lost before it gets to you.

Ambe’s Sunset Series infrared heaters are installed overhead, so they don’t interfere with your work. They heat up instantly and warm you directly – rather than faffing around heating the air around you.

So, you don’t need to worry about preheating your space before getting stuck in your projects – you can get to work the moment the inspiration takes you.

6. The (Wo)man Cave

Mellow nights in the man cave with the Ambe Infrared Outdoor Heater. Image Credit: Mancavery

We all wish we could spend longer in the Man Cave, or She Shed. It’s a space we create where can take some time out.

We fill it with things that make us feel good – pool tables, widescreen TVs, bar carts, and old record players. But much like the converted garage workshop, these spaces can be difficult to heat.

That’s where the Ambe Midnight Series saves the day again, filling the space with invisible heat.  Better yet, with remote control and a digital display, there’s no need to step away from the footy game to adjust the temperature – you can bring the heat, and keep an eye on it, without moving an inch.


Whatever space you’re trying to heat, Ambe has a solution for you. You’re getting warmer, shop the outdoor range.

3 living room looks inspired by history’s biggest design movements

As the years go by, we watch the coming and going of trends and how these materialise in our home. Like all things, they come around full circle – just like those flared jeans that were all the rage in the 70’s.
The design world has never been as rich in history as it is right now – with so many different trends making a big come back, albeit with a fresh, modern twist. So whether you’re partial to the eclectic nature of Mid-century Modern, the opulence of Art Deco or the modesty of Minimalism – you’ll find pieces you love that reflect your true design persona.
We all have a unique style, a style that speaks to our experiences in life. We don’t always notice the way our style is informed by world around us – and we don’t always know what our style is. But we know what we like, and what we don’t like.
To help you find your style, we’ve put together three different living room looks inspired by some of history’s biggest design movements, with stunning pieces we’ve sourced from our favourite Australian and New Zealand homeware stores.

Mid Century Modern Muse
Featuring the Ambe Linear72 Electric Fireplace

West Elm Austin Stationary Chair from Ballentynes

Paper Collective LOULOU AVENUE Print by Design Stuff

Ferm LIVING Pond Mirror by Design Stuff

Tasman Woven Cushion Cover by CITTA

Stich 3 Seater Leather Sofa Vintage Brown by Early Settler

Hotel Magique Black Apple Print by Father Rabbit

Pippa Orange and Blue Multi Coloured Tribal Rug by Miss Amara

Jiya Side Table by Early Settler

Ambe Linear72 Electric Fire by Ambehome

Kirra Buffet by Mocka

HAY W&S Chubby Vase by Design Stuff

Picasso’s Kitchen Book by Dandie Store

  • West Elm Austin Stationary Chair by Ballentynes
  • Paper Colelctive LOULOU AVENUE Print by Design Stuff
  • Ferm LIVING Pond Mirror by Design Stuff
  • Tasman Woven Cushion Cover by CITTA
  • Stich 3 Seater Leather Sofa Vintage Brown by Early Settler
  • Ambe Linear72 Electric Fire by Ambehome
  • Pippa Orange and Blue Multi Coloured Tribal Rug by Miss Amara
  • Hotel Magique Black Apple Print by Father Rabbit
  • Jiya Side Table by Early Settler
  • Picasso’s Kitchen Book by Dandie Store
  • Kirra Buffet by Mocka
  • HAY W&S Chubby Vase by Design Stuff

The Mid-century Modern design craze is one for the ages – characterised by the juxtaposition of different shapes, sizes, patterns in a way that remains functional, thought-out, and uncluttered. Back in the day, Mid-century Modern design embraced materials that were new and novel – like metal, glass, vinyl and plywood.
Rising in popularity post World War II, it remains a significant part of design history that has resurfaced in the wake of COVID-19 as it lends itself to a celebration of worldly influences – with few restrictions, it’s one of the most open to interpretation of all design trends.
There is an eclectic nature to Mid Century design that appeals to those of us who just can’t decide. A well-executed Mid-Century modern space can include a curation of beautiful design pieces that span different eras – just don’t get carried away, there’s a fine line between Mid Century and messy…

Art Deco Opulence
Featuring the Ambe Multi49 Corner Electric Fireplace


1. Melrose Chiltern Occasional Chair | Cranmore
2. Loft by Canvas MIRROR | Cranmore
3. Chelsea by Oriel Lighting | Cranmore
4. Paper Collective Mother Print | Design Stuff
5. Luxe Side Table | Matt Blatt
6. M&Co Ridge Glass Vase | Farmers
7. Ambe Electric Corner Fire | Ambe Home
8. Ferm LIVING Meridian Table Lamp | Design Stuff
9. Madison Sofa | Casterly
10. Harvest Rug | Au Rugs
11. Moonrise Plumb Desert Donkey Cushion | Cranmore
12. Chantel Scallop Velvet Accent Chair | Matt Blatt

Art Deco design is one of the most enduring, and visually distinct design movements of all time. A well-executed art deco interior should transport you straight to the cigar rooms of The Great Gatsby – 100 years ago in the roaring twenties!
Formerly known as New Moderne, it was popularised at the French Industrial Exposition in the early 1920’s and soon took over the art, fashion and design world. Much like the sequined flapper dresses and head pieces – art deco makes a statement in opulence.
Characterized by abstract patterns and geometric shapes – think starbursts, zigzags and fans – and of course those famous art deco curves. Colours were deep, bold and moody while materials spanned from brass, mirror and coloured glass, to crushed velvet and genuine leather.
Just think luxury, old sport!

Modest Minimalism
Featuring the Ambe Multi49 Bay Electric Fireplace

  1. Isaac Reversible Sectional Sofa | Casterly
  2. Ava Cushion | Alex and Corban
  3. Loom Hand-Woven Rug | Father Rabbit
  4. Plaster Painting | Boheme Home
  5. Pottery Barn Colossal Handknit Throw | Ballantynes
  6. ICO Devonport Chair | Ballantynes
  7. West Elm Austin Stationary Chair | Ballantynes
  8. Ferryman by Indigo Love Collectors Table Lamp | Cranmore
  9. Black Blaze Curl Curl Candle | Design Stuff
  10. Ambe Electric Bay Fireplace | Ambehome
  11. Peter Linbergh On Fashion Photography | Jardan
  12. Hotel Magique When a Shell was a Flower Print | Father Rabbit


At it’s essence, Minimalism is built on the philosophy “less is more”.  Minimalism as a design concept first emerged in the 1960’s, as a retaliation against some of the more complex art movements that came before them. Minimalism focuses on extreme simplicity, functionality, and stripping everything back to the basics.

Widely regarded as one of the most significant design movements of the 20th century, minimalism takes inspiration from Japanese culture – everything must serve a purpose.  

Much like the Marie Kondo craze of de-cluttering – Minimalism gets rid of distractions in the hope that a person or a space can find true peace in experiences rather than things and ultimately achieves a better design through simplicity.

So, what does characterise Minimalism? Quality curated and thought-out items that will stand the test of time and provide a function above all else; open and light filled spaces, stand-out feature pieces, and of course, a muted, monochromatic palette of whites, beiges and greys.

If in doubt, leave it out.

The design world is an exciting place, it’s fast paced and constantly evolving – sometimes it can be hard to keep up. The important thing is to stay true to your taste and create synergy between your home and your lifestyle. And if don’t think you’re keeping up with the trends, don’t worry – everything comes around full circle so hold onto those flares – and keep those floral curtains in storage, we heard that 70’s retro is making a big comeback.

Easy Living – Introducing Ambe Electric Fireplaces​

Make your house a home

There’s nothing like a fireplace to make your house feel like a home. The cosy warmth and calming nature of flickering flames is nurturing, extending an invitation to gather, relax, and connect with friends and family.

However, we all know a wood or gas fire doesn’t suit every home or every lifestyle.   Ambe brings you the look and the ambience of a real fire – without the mess, maintenance or fuss.

Streamlined for a modern, versatile appearance that works effortlessly with any interior, Ambe Electric Fireplaces are pared-back with clean lines, minimal detailing, and a love of linear design. With sophisticated, flame-picture technology that encourages you to sit back and succumb to total relaxation.

Make a statement

Every space needs a feature, something to define it, elevate it, and bring it to life.  A great statement piece should speak your unique style, capture attention, and draw you into the room.

Ambe’s range of electric fires does exactly that, with a mesmerising display of dancing flames to captivate you and plenty of design options to play with.  

Design in Your Hands

Ambe comes in a range of designs to suit you, and your home. 
The Ambe Linear Series showcases the magic of minimalism and the effect of frameless – creating a mesmerising wall of flames in your living room. 

If you fancy something a little different, unexpected, and unique – the Ambe Multi Series was made for you. Wrapping around left or right, the Multi Corner Electric Fireplace has two sides of flame viewing, sure to spark a conversation.   And for those looking for a stand-out feature – something to turn heads and draw the eye – the Multi Bay Electric Fireplace boasts three sides of glass for a flame view from almost every corner of the room.

Ambe also comes with interchangeable fuelbeds and LED lighting displays, so you can change up your look when and where the mood takes you.

Restore the soul

The Ambe Square Series was designed for the traditionalists, a perfect insert for your open fireplace.

Its modest size and square design make it easy to install into an existing cavity. While lifelike logs and ‘flickering flames’ give them the charm of a wood fire, but without the mess or maintenance.

And if you don’t have an open fire but you love the heritage look, you can add a mantel surround and create it for yourself.


Warmth where you want it

Unlike most traditional heating, Ambe can be installed anywhere. Without the need for a chimney or flue, you can bring warmth to any corner of the home – ideal for apartment buildings and multi-level homes. 

Fancy a fireplace in the bedroom? Sure. Something integrated into bespoke shelving or cabinetry? No problem.  The possibilities are endless, encompassing the different style, function, and lifestyle requirements of your home.

Easy Living

All Ambe electric fireplaces can be remote-controlled – turn it on, adjust the temperature and even change the light display all at the touch of a button.  Plus, with optional smartphone control, Ambe integrates seamlessly into your home – allowing you to control it from most mobile phones, wherever you are. 


Safe for the family

Safe to touch, Ambe heats your home via a top vent, with no heat  contained within the glass display. This means you can cosy up to Ambe with no chance of accidental burns, and curious little fingers and paws stay safe. 

Simple but effective, Ambe’s wide range of electric fireplaces give you a seamless combination of style and convenience – installation is easy, there’s no mess or maintenance, and they’re safe to touch – plus, they look great too.